Secretariat Reborn: A Novel

Secretariat Reborn - Susan Klaus In my opinion I could use a single word to discribe my thoughts of the books. I would like to use the wordInrigue by the following defination:

in·trigue. •an intriguing; secret or underhanded plotting
•a secret or underhanded plot or scheme;

Yup, that would be the word alright. I got a fresh look at the seedy side of horse racing and what happens behind the scenes. We see the turmoil of broken relationships between a dying father and an estranged son. The main Character, Christian - agrees to take on his dying father’s 2 year old colt, Glade Hunter; as a last request. Christian faces many challenges that includes a crazy ex-girlfriend, mobsters, and seedy characters behind the scenes of the race track.

This story had me in it’s grips from beginning to end with it’s intrigue, mystery and unexpected twist greet you with every turn of the page. You can see the story develop around Christian as he makes some hard decisions and their consequences play out. I was so impressed with the story that I finished it in one sitting in one evening. This book has everything thing that I love in a good book and highly recommend it to any one who loves a good horse-themed mystery. I think that Susan can become the next Dick Francis. She definitely seems to know what she is writing about and is well versed in her research. I look forward to see more books in the future from Susan.

I read this book via NetGallery.