Ivory Pal: Born to Fly Higher ~ Beyond the Blue Ribbons

Ivory Pal Born to Fly Higher - Cindy McCauley This book is an interesting piece of Non-Fiction that I had the pleasure to read. I actually know a little bit of the "traditional" training for TWH's from a farm that I lived on as a teen that my parents managed. I remember, even back then; the pity I felt for those wonderful horses every time when I saw the owner & trainers would show up to the barns. I was elated to read an account from a person who turned the TWH world on it's head. This was a beautifully written book from everyone associated with the book. It moved me to tears but it also shows what can happen when a right person and right horse comes together. It's like the planets were in alignment when Rafael Valle and Ivory Pal meet by chance on a weekend. And the story can only get better for the both. I highly recommend this wonderful, heartwarming story to anyone likes horses, have horses, dreams of horses of any kind. This touching story shows love can move mountains. I will give this book a solid 5 stars.

This book came to me by Hooves and Tales/Bookmasters Inc. via Net Gallery for my honest opinion. This book was released on Sept. 1, 2012