" A Single Word.." A New Start.




For me it all starts with "A Single Word...".  My love for words.  I have many loves in my life and each one of them are different.  How each love may have started is as different as each one of them.  They can be "quick", "lost", "true", " fleeting", "heartbroken" "gone" ... etc.  The stories that come from them; albeit; written, felt, said, -- they all come together to transport you somewhere. 


I have a blog that I has started for things like quilting, life in general and other normal things, when I started adding my reviews to it.  The more I read - the longer it takes me do each week.  Which means the subject of books must move to a place of it's own.  One must be adaptable in ones enviroment of fiting in.  


So I was exploring my options for just a book blog.  Today I'm exploring the world of "BookLikes" and have decided that it maybe the perfect fit for all things books.  I do book reviews from many sources.  Some might come from NetGallery, some - my little library in the village, while others come from the books that find their way to me.  I would like nothing more to share my view points with those who might come along with me.  My genre is wide-reaching with the ability to mix & match at my whim & will.  To choice just one would be like "asking a Mother to choice who is their favorite child".  Like a Mother I will answer in the same fashion -- they are all have the capability to be my favorite.


I think Carol Gordon says it well in her quote:


"A well-composed book is a magic carpet on which we are wafted to a world that we cannot enter any other way"


At the top of the page is my view outside my window that I thought I would share with everyone.  As the snow swirls about outside in their sub-zero temps, I sit here in a warm, litte, cottage on a small river in Mid-Michigan; curled up on the loveseat with either my e-reader or a good old-fashion bound book with a fire going behind me.  To me this is perfect reading weather.  The world can silently pass me by as I sit here without a care in the world except for the one in my book. 


This year I set a goal of 100 books for the year over there @ Goodreads. I have been asked how many books have me eyes graced in any given timeline and it has me curious, so tracking them I will be.  I had never really thought about the number of books that I read in a given year. Does this sound familiar to my fellow bookworms out there?  So onward & upward I head with many an author to join my in my self-imposed quest!  I have read 4 so far, but I'm sure like many bibliomaniacs; I have 4 more that I'm currently reading. Yes I'm sure that people like myself give it no thought how many books in progress, for I'm sure they are the only ones who understand the need as well as myself.


I hope to meet you, the ones of like minds; as this journey of words is being explored. I'm off to wonder about shelves that hold many of my "friends" that I found in the past, those I'm reading now and thoses that will venture forth to me in the future.  I have linked my Goodreads page as a way to share a preview what I'm bringing to all of you.  Feel free to go & have a look around.  And know that I look forward to reading your comments that started with "A Single Word..."


In Kind Regards,