A Mature Heroine!



Author: Logan Belle

Publisher: Moxie

Genre: Romance




Claire is looking forward to some romance now that her son is finally off to college. But a sudden crisis has her wondering if her sex life will be over before she even goes on her first date. When Claire meets Justin, she cannot understand why a great-looking, younger guy who can get any woman he wants is so interested in her dilemma. And why is he pushing Claire to complete her sexual bucket list?

When their flirtation leads to an unexpected night of passion, Justin makes it clear that it was a just one-time thing. Claire knew that something that hot was too good to last!

But Justin comes back for more, and now it’s Claire’s turn to say no. Opening herself up to sex was one thing. But love? That’s a chance she’s not willing to take. When Justin won’t take no for an answer, she wonders if there is any such thing as happily ever after. And what will it cost her to find out?





I had this one for a while, but I'm kind of got burnt out on the "sex" themed books after dealing with all the Primula Bond and E.L. James series'.  The upside to this is that Claire is not some sniveling 20-something that hasn't got a clue in her fluffy head that we often see in romance books.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  Those ones in the horror film that is the bubbling blonde cheerleader-type that hasn't got enough clothes on and is wearing the 6" stiletto's heels.


Claire has struggled to raise a son and get him college ready as a single mom among all the other issues that a single parent has to deal with. She is middle-aged and finally in control of her self for a change. But now she is facing another reality ... the reality of her diagnosis.  The debate is rather or not, to let the disease to run her life or if she should be the one running it.  


When Justin comes into her life, she is going in with eyes wide open.  The age thing isn't really a problem and sometimes the best person to talk to is a stranger.  We can see the development of the characters as touchable in reality and as they are in the emotional roller coaster they find themselves in throughout the storyline. 


Yes the book is heavy on the sex; it's not the only thing.  It's the discovery, the journey and the choices one makes when faced with a life altering fact.  I like that Claire is more mature person  that is making mature decisions in regards of a subject matter that hits home for so many women these days.  I would caution that you might to have the a/c on and a box of tissues at hand all during the same time. This book will have you thinking long after you have put it down.


Over all I would give the book a 3.75 out of the 5 stars even with the slow start. 


***Note*** I received this ARC from NetGallery for the exchange of my honest opinion of the book.  Please remember that these are my own thoughts on this book.


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