So This Is Seven

If you are huge fan of Medieval Historical Romances You are in for a real treat.




Author:  Iny Lorenttz, 
Translator: Lee Chadeayne from German

Genre:  Medieval Historical Women's Literature

Publisher: Amazon Crossing


Description: (The sequel to THE WANDERING HARLOT)


Marie lives happily in Sobernburg Castle with her beloved husband, Michel Adler, a tremendous achievement for a woman who was once the “Wandering Harlot." The couple longs for a family, but when Michel is called to battle against the rebellious Hussites, they have to put those dreams on hold until—if they’re lucky—Michel returns home.


Soon after his departure, Marie is thrilled to find she is already with child, but this bright news is quickly tarnished by anxiety for her husband’s return. News of him trickles in: first that he’s been knighted for his exemplary courage in battle...and then that he disappeared without a trace during a grisly massacre and is presumed dead. Pregnant and alone, Marie’s place in the world is once again precarious. Unwilling to abandon the hope that her husband has somehow survived, Marie escapes from the castle and takes to the road once more to find Michel and save her family.


In this sequel to The Wandering Harlot, bestselling author Iny Lorentz transports readers to a richly rendered fifteenth-century Germany, where courage and true love conquer all.



There is nothing better than reading a sequel and have it turn out just as well as the first one. I know that is not always the case with books, and often times with movies; but in the case of this sequel by Iny Lorentz I found it to be.


This time we know that even though Michel & Marie had their "happy every after" moment, things go sideways again for the couple.  They are once again faced with hatred, contempt and hostility that forced them back on the road to travel and a long a dangerous path in separate ways. Only this time we need to add memory loss and a small toddler to the list of tribulations to be over come. 


We find that Maire will not believe that Michel is dead after a plague of dreams that is prophetic in nature.  To escape an arrange marriage from the court palatine, she and Michel's child are back on the road as an itinerant merchant as a way to travel across the country. So from the frying to the fire goes Marie.


We see the building of the characters with such complexities that revival those in the first book.  We travel that path of hardships with Marie, along with her very young daughter - Trudi and  her god-son Michi.


it's hard to believe the nastiness some people carry for others, but the atrocities that come from war are made to be even worse.  And that the emotions run rampant for not only Marie but including the strong supporting characters as well.  I could almost taste the yellow dust that is being kicked up by the column as they travel.  I could hear the shuffling of many feet, hear the creaking leather and rattling of chain mail as I read on.


This is another long book 463 pages. And from what I understand there appears to be another 5 books in this series (according to what I saw on GoodReads) and I look forward to reading them all. While some would find the thickness of these books daunting, I must confess... I am not one of them. I have a pleasure to announce that I am a big fan of  such series written by the likes of Robert Jordan, George R. R. Martin, And Ken Follett. And let's as not forget those of Diana Gabaldon and Jacqueline Carey.


Last time I gave Iny's book a 4.5.  This time I don't hesitate to give this book a five. And like I said, I'm now on the hunt for the next book.


***NOTE*** Please know that I Received this ARC from NetGallery for the exchange of my honest opinion.  So understand that these are my own thoughts on the book.


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