Who Wheeew... Is It Just Me or What?

Here it is a Saturday and I'm just looking over my " now reading", "to read" and "to review" list and all can do is to shake my head.  It makes me wonder if this just a "me" thing or does many Bibliophiles suffer from the same weakness?


I thought I would share some interesting info on me.  I'm currently reading the following books:


No Rest For the Wicked by Dane Corbain (my Bewitched Book Tour read for review on the 14th)


Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason (my current Bethany House review)


Web of Deceit by Susan Sleeman (review)


Mad Days of Me in Barcelona by Henry Martin


AN ARC for BBT (that I can't reveal just yet.)


On my NetGallery side, I have no less then 7 books off the top of my head that I need to also do reviews for that I have read.  The list of books that on my "read immediately" is at least 10 for them. 


Over here on booklikes I have 19 to read/finish/review. I just received 3 books in the mail that I won in April.  I have entered for more chances to win too. And I just knocked out 6 reviews today just for Booklikes.


I have 2 "real" books by Becky Wade from the library.  3 on the borrowed Kindle and the leaning tower standing next to the bed.  I have books in some form in the each room including the bathroom for a good relaxing bath. I have books that are in the vehicle for those 45 minutes one-way trips in a big town. And I have books that I have for certain moods and genres. 


So what are you reading?  How many do you have going right now?  Please share your list with me and see what I might be interested in adding to my "to read" list.



Until next time... with "A Simple Word."

Read On My Fellow Bibliophiles,