Catalina Ghost Stories

Catalina Ghost Stories - Jim Musgrave


Catalina Ghost Stories
Author: Jim Musgrave
isbn: 9781476492346
language: English
format: e-book
categories: Historical Fiction, Short Story, Speculative fiction, Ghost Story, Dark Fantasy
I received this book in a give-a-way that Jim Musgrave about a year ago.  It took my a while to get to this book in my "to read" pile.  This is the second one of his books that I've read. The other being Russian  Wolves.
In my honest opinion, I liked this book, but wasn't it love with it.  Could it be that I read Russian Wolves first?  I guess that could be possible.
I had hoped for more of the paranormal in this one. But I guess if the person had the ability to return to the scene afterwards, Jim does give a possible scenario on how these would play out then. I do remember the Natalie Woods story as I grew up.  I think these made for some good short stories though.
But I have to be honest with my review I would have to say that it got a 3 out of 5 stars.  I hope to read more of Jim's books in the future.  Thank You for the chance to do this review for you Jim.

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