Finding Momo

— feeling big smile

I love a great book that can span generations of my family and I have a couple of those to share with you.  First is Finding Momo Coast To Coast by Andrew Knapp.



  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Quirk Books (May 12, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1594747628
  • ISBN-13: 978-1594747625





Book Description:


Momo loves to hide—and you’ll love looking for him! In this follow-up to the New York Times best seller Find Momo, the canine Instagram superstar (and his best buddy, Andrew Knapp) travel across the United States and Canada, visiting iconic landmarks and unique off-the-map marvels. Look for Momo hiding in Grand Central Station, in front of the White House, and in the French Quarter of New Orleans . . . as well as at diners, bookstores, museums, and other locales that only a seasoned road-tripper like Andrew could find. It’s part game, part photography book, and a whole lot of fun.




My thoughts on this beautiful pictorial book is that it is a fabulous book that the whole family can enjoy. Andrew did a wonderful job with his photographing that you can find something new each time you look at it.  I know that I do. We even make it a game to see who find Momo first.  


I have gone through the book when I had a few minutes here and there since I received it.  Some of the photos of Momo were more challenging to find then others and I wasn't bored with the book at all.  Then my S. O. looked through it, as well as my 12 year old son.  I was talking to my oldest daughter about it and she is interested in it and I think my 4 year old grand son would enjoy it to as I plan to gift it to him in December.  My family thinks this a so much fun and we can look at it together as a whole. 


I was thrilled to a review on this delightful and fun book and hope to do so in the future again.  My family gives this book a hearty 5 out of 5 stars Andrew!!


I think it's time to put this copy to bed.   I have so many reviews to write up this weekend but I hope you will enjoy them.  Until next time... with "A Simple Word."
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