Mailboxes of Treasures

Lately I have had a smitten relationship with my mail boxes.  The computer version and that seemingly old-fashion one that sits at the driveway's edge gleaming in all it's brilliantly white glory.  It's a larger box that has been know to hold many things.  From the offensive bills, to junk mail, quilting goodies and finally ... books. 


The last several weeks I literally skipped out to it to see what the rural post person has bought me.  Tell me tell ya ... seeing a mid-40's, pear shape lady is not a pretty sight. My eyes light up and I carefully but oh-so-frantically tear open the envelopes to reveal my treasure of the day.  I'm walking back to the house calmly on the outside, but on the inside I am jumping up & down screaming like I just hit a big money lottery or something.  The image that comes to mind is that of a duck swimming.  On top of the water, all is calm and peacefully looking until you realize that the ducks feet are pedaling like hell below the surface.  And on the days there is nothing ... I'm so let down that I can be seen hunched over in a neanderthal fashion, and disheartened walking back inside.  Until I realize I still have to check the cyber mailbox. 


But I have digressed.  The reason I'm having such a love relationship with my mailboxes is because I have been on a winning streak here on the giveaways that have been here on Booklikes. Here is what has arrived lately.



Then I have all the ones in my e-mail mailbox too.  Here is amix bag of those wins too.


The Weight of a Wing (The Stolen Wings Book 1) - Ioana Visan

The Impaler's Revenge - Ioana Visan

If I Loved You - Mary J. Williams

Jasmine Betrayal (BeauTEAful Summer Book 3) - Jamie DeBree

The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History - Jon Morris

The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook: Wickedly Good Meals and Desserts to Die For - Gillian Flynn,Sara Paretsky,Harlan Coben,Kate White


But giveaways are not my only source for books.  I do lot of reading, which means lots of reviews.  At times the number of "To Be Read" (TBR) is about half as tall as the "To Be Written" (TBW) with a 1:2 ratio. I am constantly adding more to the first and not always doing the second before moving on to another book.  I know that my Goodread's shelves are stacked to the hilt.  The books waiting to be downloaded to my e-readers is just as bad.  Sure I can't be the only one that has this problem ... right?


I can't  image have an addiction that is less harmful to a person than to be a bibliophile.  And having found a any to support it without it interfering with the tight household budget is a bonus in my mind.  The last time I made a real purchase for this addition was when I took some of my quilty items to a little local show & tell craft sale in the village where I sold a couple of items a couple years back.  From there is was me scouring Amazon for an e-reader that I could purchase with my little $40. I had to ask a friend to make the purchase for me as I handed over my hard earned moo-lah.  It makes me smirk as I remember that.  What I got was a Sony PRS-300 with it's neoprene cover and the necessary cords.  No instructions on how to use or load - but it was all mine!!   And I even had change, 23 cents worth; but change none the less after it was all said and done.


Now I'm have always been a vivacious reader that finds ways to support the habit by any means possible.  I have to resourceful. Hey!! A girl has to do what a girl has to do! That means that I have traded, burrowed, pleaded, requested and begged for books on any special and even not so special dates from my friends and family.  They just roll their eyes and reply "Of course ... like there was any doubt as to what YOU wanted."  Sometimes it works and other times ... ummm ... not so much.


And all the times in between means digging  and searching.  With the invention of the internet, I had more options on a limited sources open up.  That is until the last couple of years really.  Then BAM!!! Hello Book Reviews!!! Now I still like places such as used bookstores, libraries and friends to access free or cheap books.  But now I have come across some more traditionally "geeky" resources.  These sources are the likes of  Booklikes, NetGallery and Smashwords. But I decided that can't be all, so I continue my quest.


I recently joined a new source and that would be Bewitching Book Tours (   Hi Roxanne!! I'm actually just finished a book from there and will be doing a blog for them right here on May 27th. So if you have a minute be sure to stop by and check it out.  There is nothing like finding a new mine field in which I can mine out some possibly new literary gems to add to my TBR list.   There are so many books coming out of this group, I can just gobble them up. There is plenty of reading fodder offered up to keep me going for a while.  I don't really see an end-game with this source any time soon. 


Well I really should gather up my notes, sit down and write the reviews that are piling up but I hear those little voices calling to me for their wonderful paper pages.  The weather is pretty, even if it's a little chilly; but that is what quilts are for.  And a warm beverage too ..  of course.


I'm always on the look like for more sources.  What is your favorite place do you find your coveted "free reads"?  Care to share with me?  It will be our little secret, I promise! Cross my heart.  Heehee.


Oh ... now here's a thought:  How do I get paid to read?  If anyone knows how, please please let me know.


Until next time ...