For the Love of Horses: Everyday Lessons from Life in the Saddle

For the Love of Horses: Everyday Lessons from Life in the Saddle - Amber H. Massey There is nothing like a good horse story. As we all know that horse-crazied girls just to be adult horse owners some times in life. What the author has given us was a peek into her personal relationship between Her and her horse Marquise. We are able to see that even though beauty isn't always right there to see, it's what it can be if you look past it. We travelled with them in the up times and the bad times.

Amber shows us that there are many ways that God has in communicating with each of us if we take the time to listen to the lessons at hand. At times you want to cheer them on and the next it will have tears in your eyes. It has you feeling empathy for both - Amber & Marquise - at times.

If you love the "Chicken Soup..."series, you'll love this heartfelt work of non-fiction. I have to admit I did find it a bit more religious than those other books, but after a while; I didn't seem to mind as much as I thought I would. Have a horse person in your life? I highly recommend this book to them whatever their age. 4.5 stars out 5 is my rating for this delightful story.

** As always when I received an ARC from Net Gallery, I give my honest but personal opinion in return in the form of this review. So please take it with a grain of salt and know that it doesn't affect anyone who were apart of the making of this book.**