Mothering from Scratch: Finding the Best Parenting Style for You and Your Family

Mothering from Scratch: Finding the Best Parenting Style for You and Your Family - Melinda Means, Kathleen Helgemo Here is a book that I wished I had had 20+ years ago. Maybe things would have been different with me and my 2 daughters. I also have to admit that I was a child trying to raise children at the young age of approximately age19 with the birth of my first daughter. Failure, frustrations,tears coupled with bad choices was my life back then.

This book could have helped me realize that there was no manuals handed to you at the hospital with each birth. That all the books should have been suggestions and was setting me up for the ultimate failure. This book had me in tears as I read on. The guidance of a higher Being was there. The way the book is set up has a chapter that starts a personal look from each of the authors with "Lovin' Spoonfuls" that offer up a little prayer or encouragement are peppered throughout the chapter and followed up with "Stirring Your Thoughts" and "Let's get Cookin'" at the end of each chapter also.

"Stirring Your Thoughts" are a series of thought provoking questions that make you stop, thinking and realize where your thoughts are really at. Give give you a moment of reflection & the chance to be REALLY truthfully to yourself. This would be a wonderful tool for those "Mommy & Baby" groups or State ordered parenting classes. But you could also use them as an one-on-one reference book and should be given out by ALL hospitals. Especially young mothers like me back in the day. "Let's Get Cookin" are lines of guidance or suggested plans of actions that help you along in your everyday life.

I found that the book had a calming effect. It didn't feel like it was being pounded into my head like a some overwhelming school course that force feeds you all the material that the "big Experts" believed to be the PROPER way a child should be raised. Just because they are the claimed "experts" they know what is best fr you & your child(ren).

I will recommend this book to those with children, thinking of having children or know someone who is having child(ren). It richly deserves to be a vital part of a parents book shelf. This deserves a 4.5 stars out 5. And I will passing this book onto my oldest daughter to guide her along the path of parenting.

This book comes to me through Net Gallery for the exchange of my honest opinion. The view above is that of my own and should be taken with a grain of salt. I hope that you will take the time to pick up a copy to read. Thank You for allowing me to share my thoughts on it with you.