The Broken

The Broken - Shelley Coriell WOW!!! It gripped me right out of the starting gate!! Sometimes the balance of Thriller & Romance walks a double-edged sword only to fall heavier on one side than the other. Shelley Coriell has found that balance quite precisely with her rollercoaster ride that is her character – journalist Kate Johnson. If you are looking for a great crime thriller story like the ones have us glued to on the television for several hours – look no further. The hunt for Shelley’s other books is on and I wait with bated breathe for the next one in the series! 5 stars without hesitation!

This ARC e-book is from Net Gallery through Forever (Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for my honest opinion that as usual; doesn’t reflect in any way upon all those people that make this book possible and be taken with a grain of salt.