Dog Gone, Back Soon

Dog Gone, Back Soon - Nick Trout This story’s tone is reminiscing of Alf Wight’s “All Creatures Great & Small” series that he wrote under the pseudonym of James Herriot. And I say that with the highest regards from the fond memories of my childhood when I was sure to read the series at least once a year and glue myself to the TV when it was aired. But I’ve digressed. The story has me relating to the character of Cyrus Mill’s; as it shows him for all his flaws and struggles with a delightful twist realism and humor. Proving that writing about something that you know can have the ability to draw a reader along in it’s even-paced speed.

Somehow or another it escaped my notice that this is a “second in a series” book. I was able to pick up the story without feeling like I was missing half the story. This stood alone very well. I recommend this book to everyone rather they are animal lovers or not. I curled up with book, coffee and a couple of cats and enjoyed a “good” read on a couple of rainy days. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5 as start my adventure of tracking down more of Mr. Trout’s books.

I would like to say "Thank You" to Net Gallery and
Hachette Books for letting me review this wonderful free ARC e-book for my honest opinion.