The Silent Sister

The Silent Sister - Diane Chamberlain "Everyone has scars" was a quote that touchs a cord in everyones own life. Sometimes that are just on the suface while others run deep as we find out in this story.

I have to say this was an enjoyable book. For me, it was an easy read that kept a decent pace. I must confess that I somewhat guessed a couple of things that did happen later in the book, but I was okay with that. Sometimes it's nice to see you have guessed right when you come to the end of the book.

So it earns 4.5 stars from me out of the 5.

I did win this book as part of our own GoodReads Giveaways for my honest thoughts of the book. I want to thank Matthew for choosing me as one of his lucky winners. And also extend my Thanks to St. Martin's Press for sharing this book with me.