Blood Magick

Blood Magick - Nora Roberts The world of enchantment crosses borders and time traveling comes to life in the series once again. It could have you believing in fairy tales again.

This was another great series from Nora Roberts. There is no doubt that she is a fabulous author and shows it to us time and time again. For this trip we move about in a lovely setting of the land of fairies, hereditary magic and the emerald green rolling hills of Ireland. The word "Enchanting" comes to mind as I read the series. The author has a way of showing you the scene as it comes off the page, that is wrapping you up and transporting you into the story like few authors can. She brings her characters to life by giving them realism. You see the trials and tribulations that each one has and all that they must go through to conquerthem.

Time and time again I have to salute her for keeping me back book after book, series after series. Nora will always find space on my book shelves. So huzzah!! Without doubt or hesitation I give this book & series 5 stars. I wait with bated breathe for her next series.

I got this one from my local library and for my own enjoyment of reading.