Memory Zero

Memory Zero - Keri Arthur Well friends let me tell you - if you don’t know already know it - Keri knocks it out of the park with this series!! I truly enjoy all of her books!! I haven’t found one that I didn’t and this won’t be on yuck list any time soon!! So when net Gallery offered me the chance to review this one I was all it with the speed of a hungry cheetah. We go down a fuzzy path as Sam can’t remember her past and Gabriel has her in knot’s as the story progresses. But don’t look for me to reveal all the good stuff – run and get your own fabulous copy to learn how things get along. This gets a hardy 5 out stars and a big thank you to Net Gallery for allowing me to share my thoughts on this awesome book that I recommend to EVERYONE as I’m off to stalk the libraries for the next installment!!