Nest - Esther Ehrlich It's been a while since I read something at a middle school level and sometimes I chose to do so to see how todays' authors are portraying difficult subject matters. This one reminds of some of the authors that I grew up reading. Like Beverly Clearly in the mid to late 70's.

I found that the main character, nicknamed; "Chirp" to be someone I could relate to in her interactions during a difficult time in the family. The author shows us the struggles "Chirp's" mother, a former dancer; now faces with her battle with MS. It shows us how she slides in to deep clinical depression so deep that she .... well ... she decides the struggle is too much for her to bear.

Even though this is a tough subject, the author opens up our eyes to the plight of dealing with this devastating journey each family member takes through out the book. We also see Chirp struggle her feelings about the things like peer pressure, friendships and a possible first "crush". There are hints of darkness when we read about Joey her neighbour that Chirp doesn't understand but she and Joey did find a small place in my heart as I read more about them.

These are normal every day things that one would possibly deal with in a typical middle-schoolers life out side of the home. Ms. Esther has done a great job bringing us this rich but serious issue on a level that most middle-schooler could understand. Her language level is on their level but it didn't make it feel like she "dummied" down the language to make a point it was unappealing to an adult reader. I even got my 12 year son to read part of the book while he was here for the summer. Let me tell ya - that it wasn't a small feat all in it's self. He said it made him think. And Ms. Esther that is high praise indeed!! I give this a 4.5 stars out of 5 and a boy who wants to finish the book come this summer.

Thank You Bethany house a chance to review this e-book in exchange for my honest opinion.